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Private Lessons

Private lessons
Private lessons are by arrangement only.
Can be arranged for either Thursday 2100 - 2150, Saturday am, or even on some weekdays. Please call for further information.
You choose the dance(s) you wish to learn and you can even suggest suitable music that you'd like to learn to dance too.
Singletons or couples, and same sex couples who prefer not to attend the public group sessions are more than welcome.

 Call 0787 353 8709 for information or to book your place.
 Email :  info@comedancingwithme.co.uk   for more information.

Those who find making regular classes difficult, have to miss some classes because of work, holiday or other commitments may like to consider taking a private lesson.  The benefit of private lessons is that they provide individual attention which means that we can concentrate on specific dances or areas of difficulty, as well as look at style and technique in greater detail.  We find people often use private lessons to learn something specific for a special occasion, or just to spend a bit of extra time perfecting a particular figure they are struggling with in class.

It is often possible to have a private lesson after the classes at Sands, or at other times of the day and locations by arrangement.  There is a small discount on the private lesson fee for those who are attending regular group classes on a termly basis - ask for details at class.
The cost is £38 per lesson per couple with payment in advance via cheque or BACS or via Paypal. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required of cancellation or you will still be charged the full amount. 
If you are attending classes regularly we will give a discount on private lessons depending on the level of tuition and choreography required, as well as the day and venue booked.

If you are having private lessons for your 'First Dance' please remember to bring the music (as an MP3 file) to which you wish to dance on a mobile phone or suitable MP3 player and with bluetooth enabled. We can download the music if you do not have a bluetooth enabled device.

Please note that in some cases late cancellation may lead to a £15 penalty fee to cover the cost of hall hire which depending on the venue occasionally requires a week's notice of cancellation;  we will however only require the penalty fee if we get charged ourselves!  

If you're interested please ask about availability and we will arrange something to suit

Private lesson for 1-2 persons
By arrangement only
You will be notified of the venue a few days prior to the lesson

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