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First Dance

First Dance
For that special occasion why not take away the anxiety of stepping out onto the floor for the first time by having a specially choreographed piece that you can practise and perfect to your own level. It can be something very simple yet elegant through to something more complex, but whatever your style it will be yours and it will be an experience to remember.

The most popular first dance style tends to be rumba, with waltz and cha-cha-cha as close contenders. Whatever you choose, it’s important to feel confident with your dance so that it’s something that you will remember with pleasure in years to come.

Allow at least 6 lessons to get a basic routine together, and ideally plan to attend at least a term of dance classes so that you are comfortable on the floor with others around you. If you can learn the basics in class then you will be much happier developing those basics into your own unique routine and make better use of your time and money too.

When you come to your first lesson, bring your music on a mobile device that has bluetooth, the dimensions of the area in which you can dance (i.e. size of the Wedding venue dance floor), something to take notes on and we'll create a routine that will be perfect for you. If you don't have a bluetooth device then we can download the music track for you. Also ladies,  it’s probably worth wearing a long skirt to the lesson, along with shoes with similar heel sizes so that you get a feel for how things will be on your wedding day. This will have an impact on how you move on the dance floor.
Fees for private lessons are from £37 per couple per session with a small admin charge if using Paypal;  you are required to make payment in advance so as to ensure the venue and teacher are reserved for you on the dates requested. Cancellations do sometimes result in cancellation fees from the venues where less than two weeks' notice is given.

What our client's say.....
"We had the most magical wedding in Italy.  We loved our dance and we were so pleased we worked so hard on it. We also can’t wait to learn a tango!"

"My partner had never danced before we started to learn for our Wedding and he was very nervous, but Karen helped us to really enjoy the experience - her patience was so appreciated and we were delighted to find we didn't have 4 left feet afterall."

"The choreography was lovely, not too difficult but effective and we felt so special."

"Our teacher was so patient with us and really helped to give us the confidence we needed for our Big Day!"

"My biggest pre wedding fear was our First Dance. I had two left feet and found that I was unable to turn 360 degrees. However after just 3 hours with Karen, not only did I find my right foot but I had no problem in mastering the turns. On the big day I was proud to be able to dance with my wife on the dancefloor with confidence to The Darkness -"I Believe In A Thing Called Love". Karen was super, patient and above all, fun...who is Darcey Bussell!"

Per lesson, (1 or 2 persons) £38.51

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1 lesson (for 1 or 2 persons) £38.51
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